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Avionics Jobs: What Qualifications Do I Need?

To work as an avionics technician, there are several formal qualifications that can be achieved to certify your abilities with regards to working on aviation avionics and as an avionics technician. To find out more about the qualifications required for avionics jobs, read on.

Avionics Jobs Qualifications

  • For a lot of entry level avionics technician jobs no formal qualifications are required as you will learn as you are on the job and will gain the relevant qualifications that way. Many people however choose to go through university beforehand and this can be an excellent way to do things. For aviation avionics, courses such as aeronautical engineering or similar would be very good.
  • There are several main qualifications that you will see when looking for adverts about avionics jobs and these are administered by the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) in conjunction with the JAA (Joint Aviation Authority (based in Europe)) and these consist of various levels of the European JAR66 qualification. These aircraft avionics qualifications come in B-1 or B-2 and are also available in A or C. The requirements for aviation avionics qualifications depend on which part of aviation avionics you wish to work in.
  • The relevant aviation avionics courses can cost up to £2000 to complete but some avionics technician companies may sponsor you to complete such a course in return for you working for them once the course has been completed. This is often the best way to gain real world, working experience and qualifications at the same time.
  • The JAR66 license is valid all over Europe but not in North America so this should be a consideration if you ever intend to live and work in the USA or Canada as an avionics technician.
  • Because aviation avionics is such a large field, many people with aviation avionics jobs specialise in one specific field of work such as maintenance, development or installation and become experts in that.

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  1. rejoy says:

    hai iam alredy in completed my aircraft maintanence engineering course (avionics) in india. i passed relavent papers conducted by DGCA, ie 1,2,3-E.S,I.S & R.N. still i am not able to get job in my field.

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