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Aviation Safety Inspectors – Aviation Safety Jobs

Aviation safety inspectors are a very important part of overall aviation safety and it is up to them to decide whether an aeroplane is fit to fly. Of all the aviation safety jobs, it could be argued that aviation safety inspector has the most important because it is up to him to sign off all work and ensure that it is of a good standard. To find out more about aviation maintenance and aviation safety jobs, read on.

About Aviation Safety Jobs

  • Aviation safety is hugely important and there are aviation safety jobs available at manufacturing plants as well as airports where aviation maintenance is carried out. As said previously, aviation safety jobs carry lots of responsibility with them and mistakes can be potentially catastrophic for aviation safety so the ability to work under pressure and to great detail is essential. You will work as part of a team in aviation safety jobs so good communicative skills are essential.
  • Aviation safety inspectors will specialise in one area of aviation such as the airframe, the powerplant or the aviation avionics. If you are working in aviation maintenance at an airport, you may be expected to work on several different types of aeroplanes.
  • Aviation safety jobs can involve a number of things such as working on the aeroplanes themselves, working as an aviation safety inspector to sign off aviation maintenance done by other people and finally management or supervisor roles in aviation safety that will manage people and projects.
  • Aviation safety jobs will involve years of training and specialist qualifications that are usually acquired on the job through apprenticeships and job progression. Generally, those with aviation safety jobs will start in entry level positions and move from there. Low level aviation safety jobs will come with salaries ranging from £13k – £16k per year but these can rise dramatically and high level aviation safety jobs can come with salaries upwards of £70k per year. You can search for Aviation Safety Jobs here on Aircraft Engineers

Types of Aviation Safety Jobs

The are a number of aviation safety jobs available in the sector that are hugely important when it comes to making sure that aeroplanes are capable of flying and ensuring that they reach their destination without drama. To find out more aviation safety jobs, read on.

Aviation Safety Jobs

  • The aviation safety inspector is arguably one of the most important jobs in aviation safety as it is up to them to inspect the aeroplanes in between flights to make sure that they are capable of flying.
  • Because of the nature of aviation safety and modern aeroplanes, there are often plenty of different aviation safety jobs that are available at the same time because of the sheer complexity of a modern aeroplane. For instance, there will be some aviation maintenance technicians that specialise in the cabin safety, while others will specify in airframe, electrics (aviation avionics) and powerplant.
  • These aviation safety jobs require plenty of training and experience in the role because the individuals are often responsible for signing off aircrafts and certifying them as safe. All work must be carried out quickly but to the highest standards. Generally, most people that work in aviation maintenance will have done a relevant university degree and then moved into a lower position.
  • Aviation maintenance jobs are hugely important at every airport in the world and are required 24/7. Aviation safety jobs will often come with somewhat anti social hours and those with lower level aviation maintenance jobs may often have to work weekends and night shifts until they move up the ranks.
  • Generally, entry level aviation safety jobs will earn in the region of £15-18k per year while more experienced positions can earn upwards of £35k per year. You can search for a wide range of aviation safety jobs here on Aircraft Engineers.

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