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Avionics Jobs: How To Start

Aviation avionics are a massive part of modern aeroplanes, so much so that without them, aeroplanes simply wouldn’t be able to stay in the sky. There are lots of avionics jobs available in areas such as development, implementation and maintenance. Read this article if you are interested in aviation avionics jobs.

Become an Avionics Technician

  • Aviation avionics are hugely complex and it is completely unfeasible for you to be able to work in all areas so you need to decide early on what sort of avionics jobs you are interested in. Development of aviation avionics involves an excellent knowledge of computer programming whereas the implementation will consist of physically inserting the aviation avionics in the aeroplane and calibrating them with everything else. This position is known as avionics technician.
  • Regardless of which avionics jobs you decide you want to follow, you will need to go through years of training and studying for qualifications. In most cases, this is done on the job in the form of apprenticeships but there are special colleges that you can attend to gain the relevant qualifications beforehand.
  • Those with aviation avionics jobs need to possess certain skills to be able to do their job correctly. This includes being able to work effectively as part of a team and individually, to be able to work under pressure to deadlines and to have exceptional eye for detail.
  • Aviation avionics jobs in development will involve working full time hours, usually 9-5 but aviation technician jobs at an airport in a maintenance role could involve more antisocial hours as aeroplanes will need to be worked on around the clock. Usually, those with junior level avionics technician jobs will end up working the antisocial hours until they progress.
  • Avionics technician jobs can come with wildly varying salaries, entry level avionics jobs will pay roughly £15k – £18k per year and this will rise dramatically with experience and it is not unheard of for senior level avionics technician jobs to earn upwards of £65k per year.

You can begin your search for avionics technician jobs here on Aircraft Engineers.

Avionics Jobs: How To Be An Avionics Technician

It is understandable why people strive to be an avionics technician because working on aviation avionics is not only a very important job but it is very interesting and challenging at the same time. People who choose avionics jobs need to be very practical minded and train for several years both in the classroom and on the job to be able to carry out their avionics jobs safely and properly. To find out how to become an avionics technician, read on.

Training For Avionics Jobs

  • Many people choose to go straight from school into avionics jobs via an apprenticeship where they attend college and work in order to gain the relevant qualification and this is widely regarded as the way to become and avionics technician.
  • Another way of becoming an avionics technician is to attend a regular college or sixth from and undertake your A-Levels in areas such as maths, science (physics), electronics or engineering. You could then attend university to hone our skills even more in a specific degree or join an aviation avionics training program.
  • To become a qualified avionics technician will require several years of training and working in a specific role. Aviation avionics are so large and complex that a candidate will decide which type of avionics jobs they want to pursue and specialise in that.
  • An avionics technician needs to be able to work quickly yet extremely competently to be able to maintain and repair aeroplanes as quickly as possible. Excellent practical, organisational and problem solving skills are essential as is a methodical approach to work.

Generally, those with aviation avionics jobs will work a 40 hour week but this may be in shift work, especially if avionics jobs are in an airport and the avionics technician(s) are required 24/7. You can search for an avionics technician job here of Aircraft Engineers.

Avionics Jobs: Aviation Avionics Information

Aviation avionics are the main reason that a modern aircraft stays in the sky. Aviation avionics control everything electrical on the aeroplane including the controls, the throttle, the navigation, the communications and the essential life support of air and cabin pressurisation. It is the job of an avionics technician to install, maintain and repair the aviation avionics, read on to find out more.

Aviation Avionics Jobs

  • There are many other things aside from the main areas of aviation avionics that are essential to the continued, safe running of an aeroplane such as sensors, display systems, weather radars and landing gear controls. Of course, if anything goes wrong to any of these then it can put the flight and its passengers in serious danger so it is essential to have people trained in avionics jobs.
  • As an avionics technician, an individual needs to be able to work on an aeroplane to a high standard and fairly quickly to be able to allow the plane to get back in the sky. Therefore, all airports provide avionics jobs for people. An avionics technician will specialise in a single role such as communications, navigation etc. because there is too much to know for an avionics technician to be able to work in more than one area.
  • Aviation avionics takes a long time to learn and to become an avionics technician, the individual will need to be finish school and undertake relevant courses at an aviation college. Many people choose to do a university degree and then continue learning whilst in avionics jobs.
  • Because of the constantly evolving and improving nature of aviation avionics, the avionics technician will never stop learning and may have to periodically attend courses to learn about all the new equipment. Generally, an avionics technician will work a 40hour week in shift work and can earn up to £35k pa. You can search for avionics jobs here on Aircraft Engineers.

Avionics Jobs: What Qualifications Do I Need?

To work as an avionics technician, there are several formal qualifications that can be achieved to certify your abilities with regards to working on aviation avionics and as an avionics technician. To find out more about the qualifications required for avionics jobs, read on.

Avionics Jobs Qualifications

  • For a lot of entry level avionics technician jobs no formal qualifications are required as you will learn as you are on the job and will gain the relevant qualifications that way. Many people however choose to go through university beforehand and this can be an excellent way to do things. For aviation avionics, courses such as aeronautical engineering or similar would be very good.
  • There are several main qualifications that you will see when looking for adverts about avionics jobs and these are administered by the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) in conjunction with the JAA (Joint Aviation Authority (based in Europe)) and these consist of various levels of the European JAR66 qualification. These aircraft avionics qualifications come in B-1 or B-2 and are also available in A or C. The requirements for aviation avionics qualifications depend on which part of aviation avionics you wish to work in.
  • The relevant aviation avionics courses can cost up to £2000 to complete but some avionics technician companies may sponsor you to complete such a course in return for you working for them once the course has been completed. This is often the best way to gain real world, working experience and qualifications at the same time.
  • The JAR66 license is valid all over Europe but not in North America so this should be a consideration if you ever intend to live and work in the USA or Canada as an avionics technician.
  • Because aviation avionics is such a large field, many people with aviation avionics jobs specialise in one specific field of work such as maintenance, development or installation and become experts in that.

You can search for a wide range of avionics technician jobs here on Aircraft Engineers.

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